Appointment Start and End Dates

Participants will be responsible for coordinating the appointment start and end dates with the hosting facility. Participant may not begin the appointment until the official appointment letter and ORISE terms and conditions are signed. ORISE notification and approval will be required in advance of any changes to the appointment schedule in the appointment letter after it has been signed.

Although awards may be announced in the spring of the year, selected participants should be available to begin their appointment no later than 6 months after being selected. After selections are announced, appointment start dates may be deferred with permission from DOE and ORISE.

Full-time commitment

Participants commit to full-time, on site participation at the assigned hosting facility. The initial appointment period for is one year. Appointments maybe extended for an additional year. Extension of the appointment for a second year will be subject to satisfactory progress toward completion of the project assignments, and availability of funds.

Participants will be expected to maintain a full-time schedule during the appointment except for normal holidays recognized by the host facility and occasional absences approved by mentor.

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Access to Facilities

While participants will not enter into an employment relationship with FES, ORISE, or any other agency, the hosting facility may require a pre-employment check and/or a full background investigation. Any offer made is considered tentative, pending favorable outcome of the pre-employment check.

Health insurance

Participants are required to have health insurance coverage during the appointment period and must have coverage prior to the start of the appointment. The participant may obtain insurance through ORISE or a provider of their choice.

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Citizenship/Immigration Status

Proof of U.S Citizenship or Legal Permanent Resident (LPR) Status is required and selected participants must provide documentation to verify their status. If you are a U.S. citizen, you will be required to return a form along with an acceptable U.S. citizenship document to ORISE. If you are a LPR, you will be required to return a form along with a color copy of the front and back of permanent residence card and a color copy of the ID page of passport to ORISE. Your awardee status is contingent upon having U.S. citizen status or maintaining a valid LPR status. Any change to your citizenship/immigration status must be reported immediately to ORISE.

Verification of Degree

Applicants must have received a doctoral degree in an appropriate science or engineering discipline within three years of the anticipated/expected start date or expect to complete all requirements for such a degree prior to the desired start date.

Written Report and Feedback Form

Participants are required to write a mid-appointment report and a final report about the experience in the program including a description of the research project, accomplishments and the benefits received.

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Time Off

Policies/regulations of the Hosting Facility

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